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Wind & Solar DIY is owned and operated by people that understand renewable energy and are experienced in assembling home energy power systems. We have 14 years of experience living and operating our business 
“Off the Grid “ on Big Charity Island 10 miles out in the middle of Saginaw Bay, Michigan.
We know from experience what works. Our “in House” Master Electrician over sees assembly of our Pre-wired Power Systems and each one is tested before shipping.

How Our Systems Work:

 With each Power system the Generator is wired and  interfaced with the Inverter and programed to come on automatically when  and if the batteries need charging due to prolonged periods of low or  poor sunlight conditions and then turn off automatically when batteries  are properly charged. We use only the highest quality components in our systems. 

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Price ours Pre Wired off Gird system against any comparable system on the internet and you will find the best value right here at Wind & Solar DIY. 
We stand behind every system we sell, So Call Today !
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