The Bambi


AC power for your cabin without the noise from that generator! Give your get away cabin some of the comforts of home with an expandable off grid system that includes 2 Newpowa 12 volt solar panels. Run a small stereo, laptop, cell phone charger, lights or TV. This size system needs conscious conservation of energy. 

The Spikehorn


500 watt Solar Array (2-250w Renesola Solar Panels) Expandable up to 4 panels. Enough power to run a LCD TV, stereo, LED lights, and charge your portable electronics. Offers years of reliable service! 

The Big Buck


Give your get away cabin all of the comforts of home with an expandable off-grid solar power system that include 4 Renesola 250 watt panels. Could power a small efficient refrigerator, stereo, computer, lights, and a TV. As with all battery based systems, conscious energy conservation is necessary to ensure the longevity of the batteries. If you time your activities for daylight, running energy intensive appliances like a washing machine or even power tools won't take too much out of your batteries. This is a great starter system to use with a back up generator.